Best Pedometer App and Step Counter Apps for Android

Best Pedometer App: As per the changes coming in a generation, technology is also improvised in greater extent. The term pedometer is a physical equipment that counts the steps by estimating the distance traveled by the human and also motivates to achieve the daily walking goals. For suppose 10000 steps are not enough to be fit and get safer from various diseases.

But you can not count individually for a longer time. For this, have provided a solution as one can count the steps with the help of pedometer. But the pedometer device may not work properly all the time. The pedometer app for android has come into existence to solve the above problem.

Best Pedometer app download free

The best pedometer app is performing well on replacing the pedometer devices due to the advancement of technology. The accurate pedometer app android uses the smart phone and counts the steps with the help of geo-sensor and converts the data into to estimate the distance traveled by the human. This is the best step tracker for android that has the ability to track the daily moments and act as a companion for all the users. An individual can go to the play store and have a look at the best pedometer app for android 2016 so that you no longer use the device by visualizing the advance features of the smart phone.

Best Pedometer App Download For Free

The following are the best app for tracking steps Android listed below to estimate the distance and helps to be fit and prevent from the hazardous diseases.

  1. Walk With Map My Walk
  2. Runtastic Pedometer Step Count
  3. Accupedo Pedometer
  4. Fitbit
  5. Noom Walk Pedometer

These are the best step counting app android available in the stores and categorized as follows.

Walk With Map My Walk

Walk With Map My Walk

The Walk With Map My Walk is also termed as Map My Walk is one of the best step trackers for android allows to count the multiple steps by tracking as well as monitoring the steps moved forward. This application act like a perfect companion which is ultimately better than running experience. With the advance technology involving the geo based activities recorded facility, perfectly tracks and records the moments on the map. The application always updates the data on the official website namely Map My Walk where one individual can log on and view the entire activities as well the statistics. The most important features like GPS tracking of the route, monitoring your workouts, calorie counting and helping you keep track of what you eat on daily basis and all these features can be seen in the pedometer apps for Android.

Features of Walk With Map My Walk

  •  The application provides accurate route tracking.
  • It has a provision of sharing the details on social networking sites.
  • One can store all the data in site integration.
  • The speed, elevation, and calories burned data are recorded in the training log.

Runtastic Pedometer Step Count

Runtastic Pedometer Step Count

This application has been developed by the athletic app maker namely Runtastic. This application is used to estimate the count and can be available as all round facilities and provides mainly for runners or the sportspersons. This is a simplest app and useful pedometer as it provides the latest or advanced features. It is considered as personal tracker app for running, biking or for the other fitness activities. You can record and view the fitness status on daily basis. The developer fixed the entire bugs or errors to achieve the accuracy in greater extent.

Features of Runtastic Pedometer Step Count

  • The application has an option of Automatic steps counter detection.
  • This estimates as how much calories have been burnt for a particular user and records accurately.
  • It determines the overall status of all the activities.
  • Also, the application involves the analysis for training and activity log.

Accupedo Pedometer

Accupedo Pedometer

This is one of the best accurate pedometer application that helps in estimating as well monitoring the status of daily walking, running and other different activities. This application mainly focuses on tracking the daily count, calories burnt, and also the route of the map. This completely stores the daily fitness activities in the history log and helps to read in the easiest way representing in the form of either data or the charts. This app involves the 3D motion recognition algorithm as the most important feature and counts the steps in a most accurate way by recognizing our walking pattern and also saves the battery power with the help of battery saving mode. This application has an option of providing the database backup of daily logs and charts to SD card or Google Drive and so on.

Features of Accupedo Pedometer

  • This app maintains the daily log about the count of steps, distance traveled, calories burnt and so on.
  • It shares the daily log on the social networking sites says Facebook.
  • There is a language option either in the form of English or default.
  • The charts can be in the form of daily, weekly, monthly and also yearly about the step counts.



Fitbit is considered as a free application for android helps in tracking in running, walking, hiking with the help of GPS. This maintains the log with including the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly provides in a better way managing the fitness at a very smaller scale. This application also helps in tracking the heart rate and the calories which you burn on the daily basis. This application works along with  Fitbit activity trackers. The major one and only drawback of Fitbit application are compatible with having limited devices even though there are huge devices.

Features of Fitbit

  • It has an option for all day activity.
  • This Fitbit app even tracks during the nights with the help of sleep tools and create bedtime reminders, wake targets and also review the sleep over the trends at the time.
  • Has a provision of mobile tracker.
  • This application provides multi tracker support.

Noom Walk Pedometer

Noom Walk Pedometer

This is one of the best pedometer app for androidhelps in achieving the health and fitness goals. This app is considered as the efficient step counter as it counts every day likely 24*7. This is well designed and helps in storing the data automatically. Users have an option of opting as a course for 16 to 22 weeks and as a long term fitness categorized into Learning, Practicing and Mastery. We recommend you that have to endure it on your devices.

Features of Noom Walk Pedometer

  • This application has automatically counted 24*7.
  • This has no extra light weight devices required.
  • It Connects with multiple online using sites such as google+, Facebook and so on.
  • Uses the low battery seamless with integration.

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The above mentioned in the article are the different types of pedometer that helps to count the foot steps accurately. If you have any queries, you can comment in the site. For further information, visit ttop10 and all the best.