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Text Free App: Text Apps are the one which every person needs. Some top text apps have been sorted and are presented here. There are many other best text free apps but among them only some apps are for free. So the best android messaging app for the smartphones are sorted and are collected over here. We have the top 10 texting apps for android. Now a days we are unable to get the best text messaging app for android until and unless we pay some bugs.

You are penchant for texting as this is the best way to communicate with people who live far from you. The calling rate is already on seventh sky that you rarely think of calling someone. Have you ever thought texting apps like top free text app have made your life easy? Don’t you think so? If WhatsApp, Snap chat would not be in your phone you would have missed talking to some important people. If I try to gauge the no of texts sent from your texting app I would become lulled. The curiosity of texting is rampant in even children who are too young now for them we are providing textfree app android. But about 80% of the population of world just knows WhatsApp and in fact people leverage the app a lot. Using WhatsApp is very monotonous as variety is the spice of life.


Let us look at some of the best texting apps for android which can be alternatives to your obsolete texting ways. These apps are definitely going to revive texting skills in you. But before using these apps we should know some features of these text free app which can be very helpful to us. Here are the best text free apps for android check out them.

List Of Free Texting Apps

1. Google Messenger

You must have used hangouts till now. It is recent invention of Google and is updated version of hangouts. Its UI is very user friendly just exactly similar as the way as you send simple SMS on your phone. The free texting app is best for loquacious people and it is definitely not going to daunt you. You can send photos, text, videos on this app. The best thing about the app is that the lag is just negligible in this app. You must use this app once so that you may not be befuddled about the features of the app.


2. Chomp SMS

This text free app is one of the recent apps available on Play Store. It has numerous customization options and the smileys available on this app are spanking. IT is definitely going to impetus to your communication skills. The UI is just amazing as you are not going to face any difficulty while using it. Also some other features like black list options so that if someone is interrupting you unwantedly you can blacklist you can simply back him or her. Passcode can also be implemented while opening the app so that some intruder can’t read your messages.


3. EvolveSMS

This is one of the best text free app that is available on Google Play Store and can be best option if you are tired of hiding your last seen on WhatsApp. This app has default orange theme but in case you want to avail other theme options you can buy themes on this app by paying some bucks. In this app we can easily send videos and GIFs without any delay. The best feature of the app is that the smart watch is best compatible with EvolveSMS which makes it prudent. So don’t have any second thoughts about installing this app.



The text messaging app’s design is classy and you are definitely going to like this app a lot. The themes available on this app are just amazing. You can easily send videos, photos and MMS on this app. Several features are available on this app but still this is available for free on Google play store. In night if you are chatting the white light affects your eyes so the developers have kept this is mind and have developed a night mode for all those people who love to chat at night.


5. TextraSMS

The design interface of the app is sturdy. It is one of the best available free text messaging app on Google Play store. It has excellent customization features. Amazing themes and you can in fact change the font size of the font and also you can fill in your colors in the emoji. It has pop up feature enabled and because of that only you can respond to the messages even If you have closed the app using small window. Don’t you think the features of the app is just outstanding? Don’t think just go and download this app. You are definitely going to be roused.


Best Messaging App – Text Free App

6. Mighty Text Add On

This app is a wonderful add on which you can find on Google Play store. The feature which just amazes us is that with the help of this add you can reply for SMS from your computer. You can even send emoji from your computer. This is definitely going to help you when you want to reply from your laptop. For this you just need to do some settings on your android phone.


7. Handicent Next SMS

This text free app is one of the best apps combining texting ability and features of cloud. This app stores messages on cloud so that you can recover the data easily when you lost it. The customization of the features are just amazing. Again the themes available on this app is just spanking. In fact you can reply on this app from PC also which makes this app one of the hot apps available for texting.

8. Go SMS Pro

This app is one of the best invention if you want to send texts on android phone. This free text app for android saves messages on cloud so it saves your mobile memory. Isn’t that great. There are hundreds of theme options available on this app. If you have a dual phone you can use both SIMs to send messages. What can be better than that which you don’t get on WhatsApp?

9. My SMS

In this android messaging app you can schedule your messages which you rarely get on any other texting app. This app also stores the messages and data on cloud. You can even send MMS on this app and the UI of the device is just outstanding. In fact you can even link your WhatsApp to drop-box or any other platform on Internet. So in total this app is a very good app to text on your android phone.


10. Signal Private Messenger

The features of the best messaging app are almost similar to other texting apps. You must be wondering then, what feature demarcates this app from the other ones. There is one feature which just extra ordinary that even if the other party don’t have this app the message can be sent to the second person’s phone. Isn’t it amazing?

text free app

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So now you got to know top 10 texting apps. Try these text free apps, you are definitely going to love these apps for sure and definitely going to enjoy a lot. All the best!!