Squarespace Alternatives: Best Website Builder 2019

    Squarespace is the website builder which provides an easy and non-technical user interface. So, it is the most design-oriented website builders among others. It offers ad-free plans and 24×7 customer support. The styling editor is very pliable and sturdy which provides pleasing and graceful templates. It also gives you blogging capabilities. Now, talking about its hitch then it’s incompetent to create multilingual and larger websites as it has only one sub-navigation level. Plus, this platform doesn’t give us any preview mode and also, assimilates only one payment processor. Due to these issues, one needs to look for sites like Squarespace for online portfolios or building business websites to utilize.

    It is prime to use website builder solutions aptly to make a website that is both delightful and effortless to steer through and read. These days, one doesn’t need to be technical to generate a good site for one’s business needs. There are a number of nice online website builder software solutions that come very handy to create an alluring site easily and fast. Such systems are usually free that helps you save money also. This means one can build a properly functional web presence and can launch within no time using such high-quality tools.


    So, here are 6 Squarespace alternatives. Please have a quick overview of them and must keep your needs at priorities and then pick from below mentioned ones accordingly:

    Best Squarespace alternatives to build websites

    Here are the best squarespace alternatives to build websites, you can check some of the alternatives from us and build websites with these builders.

    1. WordPress

    One of the most picked Content Management System and is an open-source foundation in the computer world. It is spontaneous and easy to use, and also provides a good range of templates and plugins for free that can help in setting up smart websites for both eCommerce and portfolios, that too within few hours.

    squarespace alternatives

    As WordPress gives lots of resources and tutorials for the purpose of learning, this CMS has got a huge community support. To compare with Squarespace, WordPress is a much more flexible and considered to be SE friendly and help in optimizing the website for top rankings. Another thing about this platform is “WooCommerce” which is the top-most plugin that allows converting any WP website into an impressive online store. It offers multiple features and quality of enterprise-grade, as it has been specifically designed for WordPress best practices.

    Through a golden collection of free/paid themes and extensions, this plugin can be utilized to build a webshop from scratch or to convert an existing one or even blog into an online store for selling items. Basic features are available on the free version of this suitable option, but to get updated and upgraded versions, go for the value for money editions.

    2. Wix

    A broadly used website builder with millions of customers from all over the world. Creative skills can be employ without any coding expertise, to build professional-looking and attractive sites. Free packages are available, along with premium features of the paid plan for which one needs to subscribe.

    Alternatives to squarespace

    Making of a website building has become easy, fast, and fun due to the simple drag-n-drop tools of the Wix. There are hundreds of beautiful and captivating templates and the vendor gives secure cum reliable hosting. You can even think of opting Wix App’s robust services from the Wix App Market to enhance the site’s look and feel for matching your desires.

    3. Shopify

    If you are seeking for site better than Squarespace for launching the web shop then Shopify is probably the good option. This popular eCommerce platform offering easy-to-use tools provides you an opportunity to build an appealing and a responsive online store. One can choose any professionally designed theme from a wide range to get a corporate look of the store. Shopify is one of the best options for online selling and site-building.

    sites like squarespace

    To get you started, it proposes an easy to use, free trial plan. Shopify is not only an online site builder but also a blogging platform to its fullest. Free SSL certificate enables it to give protection to financial transactions on the site. Once the Shopify hosted website is created, updates and upgrades are taken care of by Shopify itself. Above all of this, to get issues resolved in no time, one gets 24/7 expert customer support too.

    4. Weebly

    Weebly gives you the freedom to make an unmatched website or an online store, as it’s an online drag-and-drop site builder. Best quality of this website builder is that one can also use any mobile device to create and publish the site on the go. Other addon factors are that one gets integrated with more than 23 party apps which can prove to be useful for your site.

    square space alternatives

    You can buy your own domain from the vendor or you may utilize the subdomain given by them. Using this site builder is that you get an integrated SEO tool enabling the website to get traffic organically from other famous search engines.  Anyone can use one of the professional themes out of lot many which are allowed for customization for business branding purposes.

    5. Webflow

    Designing a website without needing coding skills was never so easy without web design application called Webflow. This platform allows you to export ready-to-implement codes to host the site elsewhere and additionally, hosts the completed sites. Creative abilities of yours get liberally empowered to its fullest with Webflow as it is very flexible and supports CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

    Square Space

    Designs have an element like animation, trigger-based interactions, and typography families. Best of all features include integrated content manager, real-time collaboration, dynamic designer, on-site editing, dynamic SEO, scalable hosting, external app integration and easy-to-use web design tool.

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    Above are the top alternatives to Squarespace, which are free as well as paid, according to the customer’s needs and requirements. For choosing a right tool regarding the rich features required on the site to be implemented, check their all the services mentioned before making any decision. Because all are very easy to use and have lots of theme design options in them for your benefits.