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Get the free video uploading sites. Uploading videos on the internet is one of the most effective ways to let us know. Whether we do it to present a product as a company, some promotional material (in the case of artists) or if we just want to become an influential person, gain fame and money.

It is very common to see that new artists or with experience promote their material in video through the Internet and their social networks. Similarly small and large companies have opted to upload videos on the Internet to promote and position their products.

video uploading sites

When we talk about uploading videos to the internet the first thing that comes to mind is Youtube, however there are other alternatives to upload our videos on the web. If you are wondering where to upload videos on the internet. Keep reading we present a list of the best pages to upload videos on the internet.

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Best Video Uploading Sites

Here are the best video uploading sites for your device. You can upload any type of videos from here.


Vimeo is an excellent option for uploading videos on the internet, it is a great alternative to YouTube, mainly highlighting the offer of videos in HD and 4K UHD and best of all without advertising. It allows us to upload our videos online from the cloud whether we have them hosted on Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive or from Mobile Apps.

best video uploading sites

This website allows us to register for free, however, under this option, our load capacity is limited to 500 Mb per week, which we must consider since in HD format it is really little. These features take Vimeo to a more select group of users who enjoy uploading very high quality videos without third-party advertising. It is a site that has registered a great growth recently.

It offers different corporate plans that adjust to the needs of each user. After visiting Vimeo we can highlight the following:

  • Completely free registration
  • Videos with HD quality and 4K UHD
  • Free of intrusive advertising
  • Upload online from the cloud
  • Mobile application for IOS


Some years ago, Flickr only allowed us the option to create image galleries, create photo albums, groups and forums. Flickr is one of the largest image banks worldwide but since it was acquired by Yahoo, it has evolved to web trends to stay current. This translates into millions of registered users and a greater audience for our videos.

video uploading websites

This platform for uploading videos on the internet is available in multiple languages. It has many facilities to upload videos from mobile devices with powerful Apps for IOS and Android. Because it is a website with millions of images online the videos that we can upload are limited to a duration of 3 minutes and a maximum of 1Gb in size, which very well used and allows us to create very specific videos for a large audience.

We must point out that Flickr is very strict in terms of copyright and the content that we upload, so we must read its policies very well if we are going to use its services to publish videos on the internet. After visiting Flickr we can highlight the following:

  • Community with millions of registered users
  • Mobile application for IOS and Android
  • Free registration
  • 3-minute upload limit and 1 Gb


This page to upload videos is one of the best alternatives to YouTube the features are very similar in terms of operation and tools. We can upload videos, create lists and customize preferences. Also create keywords to get better results and positioning of our material.

video upload sites

We can consider it a Youtube competition differing mainly in that DailyMotion allows to upload videos with quality up to 4K UDH, but the content is limited to 2 GB in size and a maximum of 60 minutes in length. This website offers an intuitive interface, video suggestions and channels according to established preferences or latest visualizations.

It is an excellent way to position our material on the internet and share it on other pages and social networks. After visiting DailyMotion we can highlight the following:

  • Videos in 4K UHD quality up to 2 Gb
  • Channels and customizable lists
  • Large number of users to position videos
  • We can register with Facebook or Google accounts.

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